1. You have a great blog here! I’ll take time to read it further. Personally, it happens to me that when I practice separated parts, specially the tough parts, even if I find a lot of them, I try not caring much about playing the “emotional” details (dinamics, etc) until I can play the whole of the piece together. It’s like a way of “saving stamina” for me, but I don’t if other pianists do it that way.

    I also learnt the Brahms intermezzo so it’s been interesting to hear your version (and read a little from your notes on the score, hehe).

    • Thanks for your comment!

      For me sometimes the separation between emotion and notes happens more with some pieces and less with others. I am working on a Bach partita now, and I can tell you that the separation is way more here than it was when I learnt the Brahms! 🙂

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