smriti-linkedinHow it all began is quite simple. I’ve been enchanted by the piano ever since I was a little kid, and although I took lessons I never got the chance to pursue it as a serious full-time endeavour. After graduating with a Masters in Conflict Resolution from Georgetown University, I took some time to return to the piano and my passion for music. I reached a crossroad where my love for music won out and I opted out of a career in International Relations to pursue my dream full-time.

I’ve often been asked why I play and I’ve never been able to articulate it into words well. And so, I will borrow Nietzsche : “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

Why “Piano by Saya”:

“Saya” started out as a simple nickname but has grown over the years to mean something more. Saya to me refers to my inner child – the childlike wonder and the lifelong learner that is constantly journeying through music for music’s sake. With the freedom and innocence that a child has, sans preconceptions.

Piano by Saya is an extension of that spirit that I aim to bring into my music. Always learning, and appreciating the beauty that music and life offer.

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