The New Year Plan, 2015

A little late getting this one out but better late than never! I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I’d like to do this year musically – not just in terms of repertoire but in pedagogy and music theory as well. Here’s what my list looks like thus far:

Blog more! My writing is somewhat divided between my piano journal – which is more a nitty gritty daily thought collector, and my blog. Sadly, I’ve been neglecting the blog and I’d really like to get the pace up on posts and thoughts. Something I always wanted to do was to make a little spot for analysis of pieces. My idea is to do this in a purely practical way – that is from the perspective of the performer or listener, not necessarily an academic. Analysing a piece at even a basic level does wonders for interpretation and memorisation and as I work through pieces I’d like to have an analysis to keep as a kind of record of it.

Finish out the Beethoven sonata (Pastorale): Somehow, I just had to pick the sonata that has four movements instead of three movements…really. Just have to get down to reading them and having it completed.

Finish out the Mozart sonata: Ditto.

Start work on completing the partita: This one is a tougher one to complete so I’m not too surprised I haven’t done it yet. Part of the reason why I switched gears to my fugue obsession right now is I felt like I didn’t have the experience to tackle the entire partita. I can feel the difference already with just two new fugues so, slow and steady is the key to this one here.

New Chopin etude (Revolutionary): My new etude for the year.

Easy Pieces: I’m adding this category to my practice plan – to always have something “easy” (as in not a monster to work on) while I’m working on the challenging stuff. For March, I chose the waltz by Chopin in c# minor and it’s been a lot of fun to sight read. I want to make sure I have one “character” piece as they call it to weave into my repertoire.

Record new pieces: This is another area I’ve really been slacking off on. I’m considering doing a couple videos rather than just audio but the ultimate goal here is that regardless of the medium, I really need to record my new pieces at some pieces. They don’t have to be perfect, but just getting them recorded and listening to them myself will go a long way in helping me tweak them better and get them performance ready.

That’s about it for now. 2015 is going well so far and I’m excited to see what I’ll be playing this year! 🙂